Decide for yourself how long your furniture will last! We have selected several tips for choosing quality materials.

N1. Choose materials from a proven manufacturer

It sounds trite, but this is the first thing you should consider. But how to understand the products of different manufacturers and understand where it is better to order? A professional furniture maker will help you with this. IQ KITCHENS will help you in this.

N 2. Consider what conditions will be in the room

Whatever the quality of the materials, they must first of all correspond to the type of room. Kitchen, bedroom, bathroom or hallway – each room has different characteristics of humidity and temperature. Therefore, make sure that the materials, for example, for the kitchen are resistant to high temperatures, and for the bathroom – to moisture. If you choose chipboard, then choose only moisture-resistant, And even better: compact plates, ceramic granite or acrylic stone – they are among the nominees for the highest resistance to moisture.

N 3. Make sure that the edges of the materials are trimmed

The quality of the materials is also evidenced by the finishing of their ends. Thanks to the creaking, the furniture will last longer. Moisture will not get inside the material, and the very edges will be protected from mechanical damage. And the most important thing is that harmful formaldehydes will not be released from the plates during the use of the furniture. Tip: check that the edges of furniture materials are edged around the perimeter.

N 4. Check out the service life and warranty

This is one of the most important quality indicators that buyers neglect. Materials with a long service life undergo a number of tests, based on the results of which they receive certification and appropriate labeling. So, in addition to saving money on repairs, you will also receive materials of the highest quality.

N5. Make furniture more stable and reliable

If the furniture will be in a room with a high level of exploitation, we advise you to choose anti-vandal materials for it. They have increased resistance to mechanical damage, chemicals, moisture and high temperatures. Be calm – they will pass any crash test flawlessly. Among such materials: compact plate, porcelain stoneware, acrylic plates, MDF panels, etc. Do not forget about special coatings that add greater resistance to surfaces.

Custom furniture by IQ KITCHENS is furniture created for your needs. When you order it, you choose all the materials and their properties, and therefore you decide how long your furniture will last. After all, high-quality materials are a guarantee of a long service life

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