A white kitchen IQ Kitchens works

A white kitchen

Yes or no?

White color is a symbol of purity.

Bright, sparkling, with a lot of shades from pearl to platinum. A color that visually enlarges space and goes well with other colors. A white kitchen ideally matches the idea of ​any design, which strives for laconicism. It is easier to choose household appliances and accessories for white furniture, and fresh flowers look more elegant.

Let’s start with the positive aspects of choosing a white kitchen:

It’s no secret to many that white color visually enlarges a room, so this can be an excellent solution for a small area.

In addition, white kitchen furniture does not look heavy, but, on the contrary, light.White color fits perfectly into the modern concept of minimalism and is its best contender. A white kitchen is the perfect balance between classic and modern trends.White kitchen furniture goes well with any other colors, because it is a neutral base.

Therefore, it will not be difficult to choose various utensils and decor for such a kitchen and use them to place accents. Also, a white kitchen set will go well with almost any materials. With a dazzling white color, wood, stone, and glass look great. Since white color is neutral and popular not only among kitchen manufacturers, but also among sellers of household appliances, it will not be difficult to find and choose,

for example, an oven or refrigerator to match the color. A white kitchen in the interior is good in itself and does not require complex design solutions to elevate it. It will look good both on its own, which will emphasize the minimalist style, and with bright decorative elements.

Now let’s talk about the disadvantages of a white kitchen, but let us remind you that positive aspects can always be found even in negative ones, if you play everything correctly:

Many people consider white color to be impractical – any dirt will be visible on it and the kitchen set will have to be washed frequently. But there are people who are quite careful when cooking, and they like to do frequent cleaning.

If you are one of them, then this will not be a problem for you. Moreover, manufacturers offer a large selection of materials for kitchen furniture, and many of them are stain-resistant and easy to clean. Another pleasant plus that follows from the minus is that yes, any stain will be immediately noticeable, but you will also want to remove it immediately.

There are clients who see a white kitchen set as completely faceless, not individual and boring. However, it can be thought of as a blank white canvas on which you, as an artist, can create.

Add beautiful kitchen utensils, stylish dishes and some bright decor (fruit basket, table runner, curtains, etc.) – and there you have it, a manifestation of your individuality! Some are afraid that over time, kitchen facades may deteriorate and turn yellow. Yes, unfortunately, this is possible, but only in cases where low-quality materials were used.

For example, a good quality varnish coating will last a very long time and will not give such a negative result.

We recommend not to forget about such an option as a white kitchen in the interior. Today it is an eternal classic that will not go out of style. And this color scheme also has several variations – dazzling white, ivory, baked milk and many others that will look almost worse.

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A white kitchen IQ Kitchens works