In the world of custom furniture, IQ Kitchens in San Miguel de Salinas, Spain is making waves. Led by Tim Vermeiren, this company specializes in crafting kitchens, wardrobes, cabinets, and more, catering to a diverse group of clients from Murcia to Valencia. With a skilled team, Tim Vermeiren ensures IQ Kitchens delivers furniture that not only looks g ood but works well. The company has pleased clients with its attention to detail and quality work, earning positive reviews from homeowners in various regions.

Why would you choose IQ Kitchens? We are very flexible in all that we are doing. A lot of people come to Spain, they have a second house, and they want to change some things. But they don’t have any ideas what to do. This is very important. We can give advices, we pass to your house, we check all the measurements, we make a 3D- drawings, and get you free design and quote. We have a lot of samples of materials, stones. In the result, our furniture make your life more happy and comfortable ” – TIM Vermeiren.

Whether you’re in Altea, Quesada, Alicante, Torrevieja, Calpe or another city of Costa blanca, IQ Kitchens aims to make your furniture dreams come true. Clients often express satisfaction and inspiration after seeing their visions turned into stylish, functional pieces. Tim Vermeiren’s team at IQ Kitchens believes in collaboration. They involve clients in the design process, ensuring everyone gets the kitchen, wardrobe, or furniture they’ve been dreaming of. Positive testimonials reflect the company’s commitment to keeping clients happy.

Everyone is invited to visit IQ Kitchens’ showroom, where the team showcases their craftsmanship and discusses clients’ wishes in detail. The company prides itself on the ability to improve and tailor each piece to meet the unique desires of their clients.

Contact us and after measuring the room, we will create for you a 3-D design of a dressing room or hallway for free.

Visit the IQ KITCHENS showroom or visit our website, and together we will implement any ideas!

Order all materials and production services, we are open to experiments.

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 San Miguel de Salinas, Costa Blanca, SPAIN


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