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About mirrors

Types All mirror canvases are divided into two types: functional; decorative, used to decorate the interior of the premises.

Functional mirrors

The main purpose of the mirror is to create comfortable conditions during daily appearance care.

For these purposes, they are installed in bathrooms and hallways.

In some cases, to visually increase the free space, a mirror is installed in the room.

Decorative Mirror

canvases, which are not used for their intended purpose, but to decorate the room, are considered decorative.

You can buy mirrors, depending on the style of the interior, the lighting of the room and individual preferences, both simple and with a special decorative effect on the surface.

These include: patinated (artificially aged) mirrors, which are created using special chemicals.

Ideal for interiors of rooms made in French, eclectic and Shabby-chic styles; faceted (with beveled edges) mirrors.

An excellent option for decorating rooms in a classic and modern style; tinted (colored) mirrors. Rooms made in modern, minimalist and art deco style are beautifully decorated; mirrors with patterns, ornaments, inscriptions and drawings.

When ordering a mirror, consider its purpose, the size of the people who will look at it, the material of the mirror itself (if there are children, it is advisable to take a mirror with a plastic base).

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