An advice  by designer: When is better to order a kitchen? Torrevieja IQ Kitchens works

An advice by designer: When is better to order a kitchen? Torrevieja

Typically, during renovations, the question of furniture selection arises immediately. There are different opinions regarding the timing of furniture ordering.

IQ Kitchens sought the advice of designer Valentina Chirva. Interior design, visual appearance, and design concept are priorities when planning renovations. But let’s talk about furniture, for example, a kitchen. So, when is it better to order “before” or “after” renovations?

“Definitely ordering furniture on time is the path to a quick move-in!

And usually, this is the main goal of homeowners.

Not only quality and beauty but also service speed and meeting deadlines.

As a professional, I can say with 100% certainty that furniture should be ordered before renovations.

1. You receive an estimated calculation in advance and can immediately calculate the amount of expenses.

2. You reserve materials immediately because not all materials are in stock, this applies to all suppliers. Sometimes you may have to wait up to 2 months for a stone countertop or painted facade. This is due to the production process, and everything is custom-made to fit your individual dimensions. Exclusively for you!

3. You will be confident in the terms and deadlines.

After the renovation work, the furniture makers take additional measurements, as plaster, backsplash, and lighting fixtures have been added. And all these points must be taken into account.

For example, specialists at IQ Kitchens always check the layout, plumbing connections, the presence of all outlets, and of course, the dimensions after renovations! So, ordering furniture before renovations is definitely the right and thoughtful choice for the client,” commented Valentina Chirva, interior designer, Costa Blanca.

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