An allergy to ready-made furniture from IKEA, true or not? IQ Kitchens works

An allergy to ready-made furniture from IKEA, true or not?

IKEA furniture is famous for its beauty and style, but most importantly, what about quality and durability?

This is exactly what we want to warn you about. After all, it is the quality and wear resistance that are many times worse than the appearance. Furniture from ready-made Ikea catalogs is about speed, simplicity and versatility. But it’s not about quality. Most furniture is made from chipboard – chipboard. This material can swell, deform, become damp from water, crumble and melt under strong heat (edging and coating of chips).

In addition, in the manufacture of such furniture, not entirely environmentally friendly impurities are often used. For example, formaldehyde, which can cause an allergic reaction and skin irritation. Therefore, chipboard furniture is not suitable for everyone and not in all rooms. It is better to put such furniture in a children’s room. Especially if it’s a crib or chairs. Also, if you have a predisposition to any allergic reactions or feel an unpleasant toxic odor from such furniture, it is better not to buy or order it for yourself. The smell from such furniture can take five to ten years to dissipate.

If you make furniture to order, you can think about the functionality yourself: all the shelves, drawers and work surfaces. This is especially important for people who work, cook, or simply spend a lot of time at home. Then the furniture is 100% made to suit your needs and habits. If you cook for the whole family 2-3 times a day, the functionality of the kitchen is important to you: a large workspace, enough space to store food and equipment, a comfortable countertop height, and so on.

Under such conditions, ready-made furniture is not always a good solution. After all, the universal number of drawers or the size of the work surface is often not what is needed. Here, custom-made furniture wins in many aspects – no one limits your imagination and you can create any table, cabinet or kitchen.

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