An island in the kitchen. Advantages and features IQ Kitchens works

An island in the kitchen. Advantages and features

Kitchen island – an additional workplace at the kitchen. It is usually placed in the center of the kitchen. In a modern interior, an island is comfortable, beautiful and original! with the help of the island, your kitchen will be transformed, it will become convenient for cooking and dining!

What makes a kitchen island convenient? And the fact that it fits perfectly into the space, especially if the living room, dining room and kitchen are combined. In addition, it is a dividing element between zones, several people can simultaneously cook and communicate with each other or guests. For example, you can easily relax in the living room while your favorite dish is being prepared in the oven.

You can approach the set from any side, with the island in the kitchen you always have everything at hand! On the island you can place a stove, a sink, a hood, sockets for household appliances, hanging shelves, etc. Despite the fact that a kitchen island is usually chosen for a large kitchen, there are also compact options for small spaces.

In addition to the fact that the kitchen island is functional, it also looks quite attractive. Different shapes, lighting and original design will make the island a beautiful and stylish accent in your kitchen. A kitchen island will be a decoration for your home. It’s practical, functional and beautiful, and that’s all you need for a work surface!

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