Common mistakes when planning a kitchen IQ Kitchens works

Common mistakes when planning a kitchen

Designing a kitchen is a responsible and complex process best entrusted to professionals.

However, if you decide to take on the task yourself, it’s useful to know the most common mistakes made in such cases.

1. Lack of Sufficient Shelves and Drawers
Even if you prefer minimalism, your kitchen should have enough shelves and drawers for storing small items and appliances. Otherwise, you’ll start placing essential items like dishes and utensils directly on the countertop and dining table.
*Tip:* Utilize vertical space to the maximum. Don’t like exposed shelves? Opt for custom-made furniture with closed drawers and compartments.

2. Inadequate Access to the Working Triangle
The working triangle in a kitchen comprises the refrigerator, stove, and sink—the primary areas where most food preparation takes place.
*Recommendation:* Allocate between 3 to 7 feet for organizing this working zone to ensure easy movement without making it too cramped.

3. Insufficient Countertop Size
Regardless of whether you choose quartz or marble countertops, the working area should be adequately spacious. If space is limited, consider installing a breakfast bar or an island.

4. Compromising on Quality and Design of the Backsplash
Often, instead of quality materials like glass or tiles, plain wallpapers or painted walls are used for the backsplash. This kind of cost-cutting can lead to the need for repairs later on.

5. Lack of Proper Lighting
High-quality lighting plays a significant role in the kitchen, where you deal with hot dishes and sharp utensils.
*Tip:* Apart from standard fixtures, consider additional lighting such as spotlights to illuminate the workspace.

6. Neglecting Waste Management Systems
Modern kitchen waste can be efficiently managed using bins, disposal systems, and other contemporary devices. Pay special attention to this aspect.

7. No Exhaust Hood
Relying solely on a window to provide ventilation is not sufficient for a kitchen. An exhaust hood is essential unless the layout of the apartment is closed, and the room size is minimal.

8. Incorrect Island Selection
While a kitchen island can be a useful addition, mistakes in its placement or overly large size can cause inconvenience, obstructing access to the working triangle.

9. Avoiding Professional Assistance
While you can theoretically design a kitchen yourself, in practice, it often requires professional guidance. Decisions made without expert consultation can result in revisions, wasted time, and unnecessary expenses. Often, the entire project needs to be reworked.

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