Don't repeat these mistakes at the kitchen IQ Kitchens works

Don’t repeat these mistakes at the kitchen

Which updates in the kitchen all the owners regret?

1. Open shelves

All open storage options are always a mess, especially in the place where we cook or eat every day.

“While open shelving can look beautiful, it can lead to clutter and maintenance issues, making it difficult to organize the kitchen and therefore difficult to clean,” says IQkitchens expert Donald.

2. Extravagant technique

The choice of kitchen appliances is one of the most important stages when updating or repairing a kitchen. Stores offer many options with different functions and interesting gadgets. Katrina Smith advises, however, to keep it simple and avoid buying extravagant options. After all, this is exactly what many owners later regret.

“Investing in first-class appliances is attractive, but homeowners may regret it later if they don’t use it to the full. Give preference to appliances that meet your cooking habits and needs,” urges the expert.

Don't repeat these mistakes at the kitchen IQ Kitchens works

3. Matte black facades

As practice shows, this solution visually looks stylish, but it is very impractical.

Fingerprints and constant cleaning are guaranteed to you.

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