Features of a conventional and built-in refrigerator IQ Kitchens works

Features of a conventional and built-in refrigerator

Advantages of a built-in refrigerator

  • stylish look;
  • the ability to integrate into any interior;
  • can be small and hide under the tabletop;
  • very quiet due to the walls surrounding it;
  • the opportunity to beautifully combine with other furniture and no one will guess what is hiding in the closet.

Disadvantages of a built-in refrigerator

  • high cost due to additional thermal insulation;
  • a smaller useful volume than that of a conventional refrigerator;
  • small assortment;
  • in the case of replacing the unit, it may be necessary to replace the cabinet under it.

Conventional refrigerator:


  • cheaper than the built-in option;
  • larger in useful volume;
  • you can move;
  • wide range;
  • easy installation.

Disadvantages of a conventional refrigerator

  • breaks out of the interior;
  • limited colors.

All types of refrigerators are equipped with modern defrosting systems (No Frost, semi-automatic and drip).

We can help you to choose kind of refrigerator with your budget and style of kitchen.

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