Glass furniture doors at the kitchen – all “yes” or “no”

Glass furniture doors at the kitchen are widely known for their versatility and sophistication, which is why they have been enjoying stable popularity for a long time. Manufacturers regularly come up with more and more new forms that become a real decoration of any room style, from modern to classic. You can provide additional decorative properties with the help of non-standard accessories, which are presented in a wide range.

Advantages of glass facades in the kitchen. The main point that attracts the attention of users in glass facades is a special design that can decorate any room. The transparent doors of the facade can visually increase the interior space, adding lightness to it.

The main advantages of such facades include: ease of operation; environmental friendliness; design; long service life. Glass facades are easy to install, the whole process will not take much time. Glass facades are easy to use, because for their care it is enough to use a spray and a dry cloth. It is easy to wipe surfaces from any dirt in just a few seconds. The only thing that should be taken into account is that when caring for glass facades, you should not use abrasive cleaning agents, because they can leave scratches.

Glass is a natural material that does not contain dangerous or harmful substances in its composition. Glass is non-toxic under any mode of use.

Disadvantages of glass facades in the kitchen Despite the large list of obvious advantages, glass facades have a number of characteristic disadvantages. First of all, we will talk about fragility. Some varieties of glass facades do not differ in sufficient strength, therefore, under mechanical influence, visible cracks may form or the glass may break. You can solve this nuance by ordering products made of tempered glass or by treating the furniture carefully.

The next important point is the cost. Glass facades in the kitchen can cost a little more than similar models made of other materials. This is due to the manufacturer’s need to use particularly strong and high-quality accessories that will reliably fix the glass in the frame.

Another important point to pay attention to is the need for regular care. This is due to the fact that the glass quickly collects dust on itself, all dirty and greasy spots and smudges are visible on it.

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