How to choose a sink for the kitchen?

How to choose a sink for the kitchen?

If we talk about the form, the most common are:

Square sinks

  • Square designs are a classic option that differs:
  • capacity;
  • various design and configuration variations;
  • optimal parameters.
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Rectangular design Another universal option, judging by customer reviews. It is used most often with the headset extended, located along the tabletop.

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Round sinks

A round kitchen sink looks original and non-standard. Its shape may be unfamiliar to many, and therefore seem uncomfortable. However, in reality, round models can be much roomier and deeper compared to many other options.

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Recessed models This type of installation is common in modern interiors.

The sink is installed in a previously made slot in the countertop. This allows you to experiment with the shape and dimensions of the bowl, the number and size of the wings, etc.

After all, you can make a notch in the tabletop of any size you need.

Countertop sinks

The standard kitchen set is represented by cupboards, where places for the sink are already provided in advance.

They have a special mount designed to install one or another model.

The sink is simply installed in the cabinet like a cover. Such models usually have a fairly wide side that will protrude above the cabinet, protecting its surface, as well as the walls from water splashes.

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Built-in sinks

Modern brands offer built-in sinks for the kitchen, which are also called integrated.

Their installation process is quite complicated and is handled by professionals.

At the same time, the result looks impressive and unusual.

The bowl is installed on the working base of the level.

The difficulty of installation lies in the fact that it is necessary to pay special attention to the junction of the edges.

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According to the latest trends, designers recommend choosing a kitchen sink in the following colors: black, beige, gray, yellow, bronze, brass, copper.


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