A garbage-free kitchen is possible only in the photo. In real life, no matter how many people live in a house, the kitchen will always collect leftover food, spoiled food, plastic, paper, glass and other containers. Therefore, such a small and often inconspicuous helper as a trash can is a mandatory element of the interior.

Trash cans can be:

  • open – it is not desirable to use them for food waste. The best solution would be to use such a model for paper or other containers.
  • with a lid – such products are the most requested. You can collect any garbage in them, because the lid will prevent the spread of unpleasant odors. However, this model is not very hygienic because it requires direct contact with the bucket (lid).
  • with a pedal – in this case, you do not need to handle the trash during cooking or cooking. You should press your foot on the pedal and the cover will open by itself. It is quite convenient and hygienic.
  • built-in – probably the most convenient option of a garbage can. Firstly, it is not visible, because it is built into, that is, hidden, in the facade of the kitchen. Secondly, often the system of such a bucket provides automatic opening of the facade cover during opening. There is no such first contact with the dump.
  • sorting systems are still not very common in Spain. But they will be a great solution if you sort garbage.

A large selection of designs is possible only in plastic models. They can have different colors, contain drawings, inscriptions or patterns, the lids can be made in the form of animals or some heroes, which will be an interesting solution for a children’s room. Stainless steel models are mostly presented in a classic design. However, the glossy chrome surface will harmonize with any interior.

IQ Kitchens works

As you can see, even such a seemingly insignificant interior item as a trash can can have a large number of options. Which one to choose is up to you. Consider different models, think about your own preferences and habits, discuss this issue with the designer of your custom kitchen and boldly implement your ideas.

IQ KITCHENS will help you to choose everything at your home.