How to decorate a TV-zone: 5 simple ideas IQ Kitchens works

How to decorate a TV-zone: 5 simple ideas

The TV zone is the most popular zone in the entire interior, except perhaps after the bedroom.

It’s paradoxical, but this particular place is so difficult to decorate stylishly every time.

Full-wall storage system

A convenient solution that uses literally every centimeter of space. Thus, even difficult places, such as the ceiling space, are intelligently used in the interior. It is important to create such an area so that all your books and all the things that you plan to store there fit in it. Don’t make the shelves the same shape and size. The best solution is to create dynamics in the storage system so that it does not look flat or like library shelving. We recommend making a reliable and solid base for the TV. A low and long chest of drawers is perfect for this.

TV area + fireplace area

A TV in the fireplace area is a fairly classic solution. It is often implemented in private homes, but it is also quite possible in an apartment. By the way, you don’t have to have a fireplace itself; you can get by with just a decorative portal with candles inside. It is important to say that if you have a fireplace portal, then this is already an accent space in the apartment. As a rule, decor or storage systems will be formed symmetrically around the fireplace. So the smartest place for the TV is the wall above the fireplace. But keep in mind that it will most likely not be possible to place any decor on the fireplace portal shelf under the TV. Although this will depend mainly on the dimensions of the fireplace and the TV itself.

Minimalistic TV area with a creative mood

Many people don’t need a lot of furniture near and around the TV. It is worth noting that modern solutions allow you to reliably hide things away from the living room. If there is such a possibility, then it is better to leave the TV area laconic and minimalistic. The photo below is just such an example, and even with a creative mood.

Connecting to the work area

By analogy with the designated area for creativity, you can concentrate the TV and office in the area. Moreover, we are talking specifically about creating a single system for the TV and the office, with a single cabinet and table. This will have to be done to order, but it’s worth it! Still, we can also offer something for those who like to rearrange furniture! For example, put a desk in a similar style and add an armchair with repeating colors or materials from the TV area.

This way you will have a single space, but also completely independent elements within it. You can move, mix and style furniture and decor as you please and to suit any mood. As you can see, all 5 ideas for decorating a TV are extremely easy to implement. Essentially, they only show options for zoning, consolidation or storage.

Moreover, you can easily fit each of these ideas into a variety of interior styles, which opens up enormous boundaries in interior design.

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