Indoor ventilation. YES or NO? IQ Kitchens works

Indoor ventilation. YES or NO?

Ventilation in the room, and especially in the kitchen, is necessary to remove exhaust gases and provide fresh air. Natural or exhaust ventilation is provided in all houses. Harmful substances are removed through vertical ventilation shafts, and fresh air enters through windows, slits or special valves in the frames. But often this is not enough. High-quality removal of dirt and foreign odors can only be ensured by forced ventilation of the room. This problem is solved by installing a hood above the hob.

Panels with integrated hood

Panels with an integrated hood look very stylish and are a real decoration of the kitchen. Such devices are more expensive than other kitchen hoods. Their connection and operation has certain features that must be taken into account when purchasing.


The undoubted advantage of hobs with an integrated hood is that they save space in the kitchen. This type of equipment in the work area allows you to move freely when preparing food and eliminates the possibility of accidentally hitting your head on an overhanging hood. For a kitchen island, an integrated hood is the best option that does not require installation of a ventilation duct. If we talk about operational efficiency, there is no alternative to an integrated hood. Being located almost next to pots and pans, this hood catches all dirt and odors before they spread throughout the kitchen.


It is rational to connect a hood integrated into the hob only in recirculation mode. Otherwise, a ventilation duct for air removal will be located in plain sight. It is also necessary to take into account that when operating at maximum modes, the integrated hood will make noise. However, hood models with other types of installation are also not silent. Cooking on a hob with an integrated hood requires increased care from the housewife. Fans of intense cooking run the risk of spilling something into the hood. And often removing and washing the casing after such “accidents” is not very convenient.

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