Recommen-                                                                                                                                  dations of tabletops IQ Kitchens works

Recommen- dations of tabletops

When it comes to crafting the perfect kitchen space, look no further than IQ Kitchens – your trusted source for innovative design solutions.

As a recommendation, the integration of tabletops and back walls with top-tier materials becomes not just a design choice but a testament to quality and elegance.

IQ Kitchens proudly endorses the use of keramogranite, a cutting-edge blend of ceramic and granite that embodies both beauty and resilience. This material, recommended for both tabletops and back walls, ensures a stunning and durable kitchen space that stands the test of time. For those with a penchant for natural aesthetics, IQ Kitchens suggests the use of quartz – an engineered stone that seamlessly unifies tabletops and back walls. This material not only adds a touch of elegance but also boasts durability and resistance to stains and bacteria, ensuring a hygienic kitchen environment for years to come.

In the pursuit of timeless luxury, granite remains a staple in IQ Kitchens’ recommendations. With a spectrum of colors and finishes to choose from, granite creates a cohesive and visually striking kitchen design that exudes sophistication and enduring beauty.

Embrace the IQ Kitchens experience and transform your kitchen into a harmonious haven of style and functionality. Visit our showroom in San Miguel de Salinas, to discover firsthand the exceptional range of materials and design possibilities.

With IQ Kitchens, your dream kitchen is just a step away – where excellence meets elegance.