Rules for designing a TV area in a modern living room IQ Kitchens works

Rules for designing a TV area in a modern living room

If the TV is the center of the house, around which the whole family gathers, then the TV area in the living room is the subject of close attention when decorating the interior. The choice of its design raises many questions among modern apartment dwellers: where to hang the screen, what about the light, what kind of furniture for TV is now relevant and whether any special decor is needed. We will tell you about these and other nuances of comfortable arrangement of the TV area in our article. At the end, there is a nice bonus – aesthetic examples of projects for inspiration and creative ideas.

Basic Rules Overexposure of the screen, squinting eyes and discomfort in the neck muscles: proper planning of the space for watching movies will help you avoid such unpleasant consequences for your health and quality of life. We tell you how to decorate the TV area in the living room so that your rest is as comfortable as possible. Lack of natural light The first rule is to position the equipment so that it is not exposed to daylight. Direct sunlight not only creates glare on the screen, but also heats it up.

Height at eye level The third rule is to choose the optimal height for placing the TV panel. We recommend that you avoid complex calculations and trust your comfort: Sit comfortably on a sofa or chair, do not forget to lean on the back. Close your eyes for a few minutes and try not to fall asleep. Open your eyes and look at an imaginary TV. From the point where your gaze fell, lower your eyes a little lower – this is where the middle of the screen should be located.

Selecting a TV area design Once the ideal place for watching movies has been found, do not rush to buy equipment: first decide on the design of the TV area in the living room. Russian manufacturers offer furniture for every taste – walls, hanging panels, artificial fireplaces, massive shelving. However, most of these models are already outdated. A stylish, timeless option is the designer nightstand. The following will help determine the relevance of the TV stand design:

Minimalistic form. A cabinet without decorative elements will fit into the composition of the space without any extra effort. Visually lightweight design. Choose models with thin legs or special metal ones, as well as floor-standing or hanging cabinets. Wood texture in cladding. Natural materials in the finishing of the body look most laconic in a modern interior. Neutral shades in the decoration of facades. Let the color be in harmony with the palette, but stand out from the general background with an unusual coating. Silent opening system: with a discreet handle or with the fashionable push to open system.

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