The pros and cons of kitchen-studio IQ Kitchens works

The pros and cons of kitchen-studio

A kitchen-studio is certainly fashionable. But before you decide to combine the kitchen with the living room, you should consider all the pros and cons. Let’s figure it out. Let’s look at the pros. Making a kitchen to order of a studio version will allow you to save quite a lot of space. Especially if you compactly place the furniture. Highlight the kitchen only visually.

For example, the conditional border of the kitchen can be a sofa. If you have a small apartment, and you really want to equip a bar counter or make kitchen furniture in the form of an island. The kitchen-studio will perfectly cope with this task. Also, the kitchen-studio is an excellent choice for a large family. Especially if the closed kitchen is quite small and does not allow all family members to gather at the same table. And it will be much more convenient to cook together. And now let’s move on to the cons.

The kitchen combined with the living room requires quick cleaning. You will no longer be able to simply leave unwashed dishes in the sink and forget about them until morning. After all, a mess in the kitchen is a mess in the living room. In addition, the smell of stagnant water and other charms automatically ends up in the room. Also, a kitchen-studio is a bad option for families with small children. Because the kitchen is full of sharp, hot, fragile and heavy objects. And, of course, chemistry, which is always in abundance in the kitchen.

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