TOP-19 mistakes in the kitchen IQ Kitchens works

TOP-19 mistakes in the kitchen

We prepared a lot of useful information for you. If you need a new kitchen, you must to know it! IQ kitchens -smart solutions.

There are the most popular mistakes when people order the kitchen, do not repeat it )

Mistake №1

Legs for the kitchen. Never make a kitchen with open legs, this is a place where dust will constantly collect. Use a plinth. Another excellent solution, both visually and practically, are wall-mounted cabinets.

Mistake № 2

Deep sink and tall faucet. Choose a sink deeper than 17 cm, even if your kitchen has a dishwasher, a practical sink will never be superfluous, and a tall mixer will help wash even the largest watermelon.

Mistake № 3

Small drying rack for dishes. The optimal drying size is 60 cm. And also a height of 60 cm and a depth of 32 cm – so that large plates do not interfere with closing the facade.

Mistake №4

Furniture lighting. Do not forget to take into account the lighting of the kitchen work area and, if desired, decorative lighting of the shelves. This is not only beautiful, but will also greatly help in the convenience of cooking, since the main light is usually covered by cabinets.

Mistake № 5

Dishwasher 45 cm If the dimensions of your kitchen allow you to install a dishwasher 60 cm wide, don’t hesitate – take it! Even if you have few dishes, these dishwashers have a half-load function.

Mistake № 6

Few sockets. Main. First we do a kitchen design project and only then do renovations. It is then that you foresee what kind of equipment there will be, how many sockets are needed, what conclusions to provide. Consider a water filter and a flow shredder – these also require sockets. It is very important to display each equipment connection on a separate machine. If you think through all this in advance, it will save both your time and your money.

Mistake № 7

Water and sewer connections. The most common mistake is to make these conclusions in back of the dishwasher. Never do this! With a countertop depth of 60 cm, the dishwasher becomes close to the wall, which means there is no room for connection.

Mistake № 8

Open shelves It’s visually beautiful, but not at all practical. Dust collector. .

Mistake № 9

Low drawers. The optimal size of drawers for cutlery is 135-180 mm, the drawer for pots is optimal 240-360 mm

Mistake № 10

Too narrow and wide swing facades If the facades are too narrow, the number of hinges increases, which increases the cost of the kitchen and is not very convenient in everyday life. And wide facades sag over time, as the load is directed downward. The optimal width of a swing facade is from 45 to 60 cm.

Mistake № 11

T-shaped hood. From experience, this is the place where thousands of housewives will hit their heads. It is best to choose a built-in hood under the upper hinged facades or one built into the hob.

Mistake № 12

Don’t buy an oven with external handles. It’s unsafe if you have children, and it’s impractical – the handle is always dirty.

Mistake № 13

Sink in the corner. Forget about her. It’s uncomfortable. If you want to wash a kitchen tray, you simply won’t be able to do it.

Mistake № 14

Washing machine in the kitchen. If space is limited and you need to put a washing machine in the kitchen, use a built-in washing machine. Firstly, it will require less space, it has built-in vibration damping, and there is access to the washing powder tray

Mistake № 15

Cheap fittings. Of course, you always want to save money, but believe us – you are not buying a kitchen for a year or two. On average, a good kitchen is used for 10-15 years, so even if you save money, do it on the design of the kitchen, but not on the fittings.

Mistake № 16

Black glossy countertop – no! Not practical, permanent stains and stains.

Mistake № 17

Use of transparent glasses. Use them only for decorative dishes, but not for permanent use. Not practical.

Mistake № 18

No design project In order to avoid many mistakes and loss of money, pay close attention to kitchen design. Protruding baguettes, a boiler, a large window sill, all details must be taken into account when designing.

Mistake № 19

Kitchen without a house We always try to protect the client and ourselves by specifying all the details of the order, cost and terms in the contract. The contract is responsible and correct! a reservation is a guarantee.

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