Useful advices from an interior designer. Costa Blanca IQ Kitchens works

Useful advices from an interior designer. Costa Blanca

Let‘‎s choose kitchen’‎s materials!

The kitchen is the heart of any home.

The kitchen is an important part of every home. In this part of the house they eat, spend warm evenings with family, happy holidays and friendly conversations. Therefore, its design should evoke a feeling of comfort and create a warm atmosphere. The interior of the kitchen should be practical and comfortable.

Each architect-designer has his own developments and techniques for creating the ideal interior. Today IQ KITCHENS asked interior designer Valentyna Chirva to tell us about her secrets.

“When choosing kitchen materials, namely countertops and doors-facades, it is important to take into account the color combination, shades, textures, warmth of the material and, of course, quality.

Often we use chipboard or MDF material for doors-facades. The texture can be matt or glossy. The most popular are matt pastel tones, or facades with imitation wood or stone.”

“If we are talking about countertops, then often I, as a designer and the

IQ Kitchens company, recommend using natural

stone, quartz, or porcelain stoneware.

Considering the peculiarities of the Spanish climate and humidity,

a countertop made of chipboard will not last you long, but stone will serve with its practicality and longevity.”

“Based on experience, I can safely recommend the following color combinations for kitchen furniture. These colors will suit virtually any interior. And the IQ Kitchens company boldly implements everything!”

Whatever recommendations I give, the most important thing is your feelings, your ideas, and your comfort.

But we will always help you with professional advice.

Visit the IQ KITCHENS showroom or visit our website, and together we will implement any ideas!

Order all materials and production services, we are open to experiments.

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