Dressing room: planning ideas, cabinets, arrangement

A modern dressing room is not a luxury, but a necessity. It brings convenience to the way you prepare to leave the house, and also allows you to use the available space for storing clothes as efficiently as possible

When you plan the wardrobe rooms, consider the following storage spaces:

  • shelves for things,
  • a shelf for shoes (preferably closed),
  • pantographs for long clothes or a rod for short clothes,
  • drawers for underwear, socks, accessories,
  • a special organizer for trousers,
  • a place for storage belts, ties, watches, glasses,
  • if necessary, consider a place for ironing clothes, an iron, a place for bed linen,
  • a place for suitcases and bags.

Be sure to think about where to place the full-length mirror and we advise you to use decorative lights for comfortable use of the dressing room at night.

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