We take measurements for your new kitchen for free IQ Kitchens works

We take measurements for your new kitchen for free

Why do you need a measurement?

The measurements will allow our specialists to optimally place all the elements of the kitchen unit with the smallest possible gaps. Specialists by IQ KITCHENS are equipped with the most modern measuring instruments – laser tape measures and digital protractors.

Measurement result

As a result of the measurements, we will receive a sketch of the room with the dimensions necessary for designing the kitchen. We will see connection points for household appliances (electricity, gas, water, ventilation), all kinds of protrusions, window sills, trims, etc. If the angles in the room are more than 91 degrees and less than 89, then the designers send the sketch to the design department for revision. Experienced designers draw furniture taking into account all the features of the room, which allows them to avoid problems during installation and design.

Measurement time frame

Usually the measurement does not take more than 20-30 minutes. In order for the specialist’s work to go faster and the measurements to be accurate, it is necessary: prepare the room for measurement (remove furniture, building materials, boxes, etc.); provide the measurer with access to any place in the room. If the Client calls a surveyor in the midst of renovation, when there are no final dimensions of the room and communications have not yet been completed, then the dimensions will be approximate and an additional surveyor may be required. Otherwise, additional gaps may appear between the furniture and the walls; in the worst case, the furniture may not fit into the room.

Conditions for taking measurements

The room measurement service is free. The parameters of the room are measured, which are accessible to the measurer and which are directly related to the kitchen set and its elements. Departure is carried out by prior agreement with the customer.

Taking incorrect measurements may result in the headset not being positioned as planned.

The cabinet may not open, and the door handle may hit the adjacent facade. Eliminating shortcomings will require time and additional financial costs, so we do the measurements personally; measurement services in our salon are provided free of charge when ordering a kitchen. A specialist will arrive at a convenient, pre-agreed time, take all the necessary measurements and record all the features of the space. We also provide repair services and professional assembly of finished furniture.

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