What is better, a ready kitchen or an individual order? IQ Kitchens works

What is better, a ready kitchen or an individual order?


The most popular furniture option. To select a ready-made kitchen in our store, you need to carry out careful tests. The website presents all the available units, which make up the kitchen design. This option allows for greater flexibility in choosing furniture.

The ready-made kitchens are furnished in the living room, and the manager will have to sacrifice empty parts in the compartments or between the blocks. If you choose more accurately and look at all the parts of the structure that the company sells, you can find the furniture you need. The advantage of such a kitchen is that the food can be easily picked up and transported. You will be in any room, depending on the individual option. As much as there is any doubt, there are only advantages: The buyer will set the price for the furniture from afar. You can select different types of headsets. It’s more economical to work in the kitchen “for cleaning”. But…


To order a kitchen in Kyiv according to individual parameters, you need to invite the company’s specialists. They quickly get to the point, but the process of creating a kitchen takes more time. Placement advantages: You can work out non-standard corners, protrusions, niches. Maximum similarity with the dimensions of the room. Unique installation solutions. Individual state of the scheme.

At the time of the first meeting with specialists, they cannot tell the exact cost of the kitchen. The price of the kitchen is determined only after drawing up the scheme and carrying out calculations based on the materials and forces used. But individual development is always more expensive than ready-made. If the price plays a very important role when placing an order, then expensive parts can be replaced with cheaper ones. To order, the kitchen is designed from scratch and according to all the wishes of the client. You can change the color, material, shape, type, etc. If it is difficult to imagine what the kitchen will look like, employees make a prototype of the kitchen on the computer.


Customers decide for themselves what is better – made-to-order or a ready-made version. It is necessary to proceed from the budget, time, forces, goals and tasks. In our company, a person can freely place any order, receive advice from specialists and be calm about the quality of all materials.

Based on practicality and the possibility to make a kitchen for yourself individually, we recommend making an individual order.

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