Which kitchen is more practical: glossy or matte?

Is a matte kitchen practical?

⬛ Which kitchen is more practical, glossy or matte – an eternal dilemma when choosing a set. Matte surfaces have become an unequivocal design trend and an integral element of many interior styles – Scandinavian, classic, modern, country, etc. Calm shades and pleasant tactile sensations create a homely, warm atmosphere. But, of course, practicality of materials and ease of maintenance come to the fore in the kitchen. 

⬛ Everything is known by comparison. Let’s go over the main points. Many of the listed differences are quite conditional. Remember: a matte or glossy kitchen should correspond to the area, the amount of light, and the design idea. Let’s summarize all the pros and cons of matte coatings. https://iqkitchens.es

IQ Kitchens works
IQ Kitchens works

 ⬛ Advantages:

– Practicality, resistance to mechanical damage.

– Dirt and fingerprints are less visible.

– Glossy coatings have to be washed more often than the matte surface of the kitchen.

– Absence of glare and, as a result, fewer difficulties in organizing lighting.

-Resistance of decorations to burnout, the possibility of use on the sunny side.

-A wide range of base and facing materials.

– Elegant appearance and pleasant tactile sensations.


– Such decorations visually reduce the size of the kitchen.

– It should be well lit.

– Large windows are a big plus.

– When cleaning, you need to use special tools.

 Coatings are constantly being improved, and many disadvantages are not longer so significant. Thanks to the “easy-to-clean” technology, they are easily cleaned of dirt. The question “what to wash the matte facade of the kitchen?” does not cause difficulties.

Stay with IQ KITCHENS – the best choice in your life.

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