Why a table top and a backsplash that made of the same material is a modern trend?

What are the advantages of such a solution?

IQ KITCHENS has a wide variety of kitchen countertops and wall panels. But their identical design is gaining more and more popularity.


Perfect match of shade and texture; Premium design of furniture and premises in general;

An original accent that will be in the center of attention.

Now let’s see how to put this idea into practice and create a kitchen that will 100% match your preferences.

Variants of the same tabletop and backsplash

Wooden slabs, stone, tiles, etc. – the idea can be realized in various ways. It all depends on your taste, budget, chosen style. So, for a Scandi kitchen, wood decor is best suited, for a Mediterranean kitchen – under terrazzo, and for classics – under marble or light unicolors.


Our masters use in their work: Ceramic granite; Quartzite; Artificial stone (acrylic).


A more affordable solution would be a moisture-resistant MDF board. Thanks to the many decoration options and versatility in application, it will complement any style. The plate has a denser structure than chipboard, so it is resistant to deformation, moisture and other factors that we deal with in the kitchen every day. Another advantage is that it is easy to install, so you can replace the material and update the design if necessary. For example, you had a classic table and an apron under wood, and you wanted something industrial or minimalist.

IQ Kitchens works


Do you have chef ambitions and want an equally ambitious kitchen with character? Then pay attention to stainless steel. No wonder the material is so popular in the professional environment. Not only kitchen countertops and aprons are made from it, but also equipment, appliances and even furniture facades. Individual metal elements will be appropriate in the styles of minimalism, hi-tech, fusion.

Stainless steel has the following advantages:

-Ease of care and cleaning;

-Resistance to corrosion and mechanical damage;

-Hygienic, resistance to the appearance of fungus and mold;

-Visual expansion of space thanks to a shiny surface;

-The opportunity to create the atmosphere of a restaurant kitchen at home.

IQ Kitchens works

Have you decided on a color and style solution, or are you still in a creative search?

Visit the IQ KITCHENS showroom and together we will implement any ideas! Order all materials and production services, we are open to experiments.

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