Why do you need railings in the kitchen and how to use them correctly IQ Kitchens works

Why do you need railings in the kitchen and how to use them correctly

Competent organization of storage is what almost every housewife dreams of each object has its place, all kitchen utensils are arranged beautifully, conveniently, functionally – such an ideal picture is in the mind of every girl. Let’s try to figure out how to competently organize the space in the kitchen with the help of railings.

What are kitchen railings Railings are round metal tubes that are attached at a distance of several centimeters from the wall. Their purpose is very simple – hooks, shelves of different heights and sizes, special cups, jars for seasonings and much more are hung on the railings. This is a convenient and beautiful storage system for the kitchen.

Railings are placed under open shelves or hanging lockers (below them by about 5-7 centimeters). Thus, an additional storage system is formed on the kitchen apron. At the same time, you can place the railings as you like – along the perimeter of the working area or only above its part, the railings can be hung one under the other, at the same or at different heights.

What is convenient to store on the rail system Today there are many very beautiful and stylish accessories for railings, thanks to which you can store almost anything on them. The following options are most popular: baskets for storing detergents and sponges; buckets for cutlery; jars for spices that are hung by the lids; simple hooks for placing mugs, ladles, whisks and other devices; shelves for cans of various purposes. Housewives claim that the main advantage of railing systems is that everything you need is at hand, but at the same time it stands in its place and looks very nice.

With the help of railings, you can get a little extra space in the kitchen, place everything you need in accordance with your needs, and also add some decorative elements to the interior of the kitchen.

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